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Customer Evaluations

Bill Spear
Bill Spear Deer Park, TX
Voyager is quick, simple, easy to learn and operate, I was on the power chair within minutes after opening the box. Never looked back since. The Force is strong in this one.
Antonio Munoz
Antonio Munoz Albaquerque, NM
I am a big guy weighing 280lbs. Forcemech recommended the Navigator XL. It was a dream come true. No longer do I need to wheel myself down the hilly slopes here in Albaquerque under the scorching sun and gone are the days that my wife struggles to push me up those same roads. Thank you Forcemech! This one is from the heart.
Brandon Schmidt
Brandon Schmidt Chicago, IL
The Forcemech Navigator lets you be you again, it lets you put your life together in an electro-mechanical way and it really helps you go through your daily life with that much less effort.
Sebastian Aubin
Sebastian Aubin Boston, MA
Forcemech provided me with a unique opportunity to once again approach and grasp hold of the world around me. I knew it’s going to make my life different from the very first look.
Jessica Netzband
Jessica Netzband Houston, TX
Forcemech’s customer service is one of the best I encountered in years, Because I am in Houston, they were able to come and visit me with a Voyager which they recommended for me to try. I did not want to get off the Voyager as soon as I got on it and made the purchase that day. They were very nice to let me keep the test drive unit and delivered a brand new one the next day.
Isaac Hudson
Isaac Hudson Great Falls, MT
I am a long time wheelchair user(since childhood) due to my complex health issues. Trust me when i say the Foremech Voyager simply works!
John Moore
John Moore Jacksonville, FL
I am a disabled veteran that lost one of my legs in the Iraqi War. Forcemech gave me A $100 discount towards my purchase of their Navigator model after sending them my VIC. The chair worked so much better than my previous power chair from another manufacture. I like to go fishing with my son-in-law over the weekends and it is so much easier to bring the chair with us now as it folds and takes very little space in the F-150’s truck bed.
Audrey Campos
Audrey Campos Montreal, Canada
I was involved in a car accident eight months ago and suffered serious injuries to both my right leg and arm. Since then I was confined to a wheelchair. Recently my doctor recommended me getting a power wheelchair as I could not go anywhere without someone pushing me around. I looked around online and found Forcemech, their Voyager fits me perfectly and I am now finally able to travel around on my own! Thank you Forcemech!

We here at Forcemech treats the quality of our products very seriously, from the design elements to the final quality control processes, our management team members are involved firsthand and in the shops themselves to ensure the absolute best possible products are delivered to our customer’s hands.

Our VP of Engineering Michael, Tran has it: “Test driving the Voyager through a severe thunderstorm downpour while driving through mud and five inches of standing water at times and getting completely soaked in the process to learn the Voyager is up for the worst of challenges is one of the most heartening moments of my life.”

Our VP of Marketing Emma Müller shares her story: “Once I received an email from Dinna in New Jersey who’s suffering from spinal stenosis. Dinna suggested that she is very happy with our Navigator purchase but would love it more if the backrest is reclined more than the current angle. We immediately worked with our design team and came out with a prototype for testing and received great feedbacks. The Navigator models you see today all have the back rest reclined at 115 degrees from the top. We also swapped out the new unit for the old one for Dinna and she was very happy we took her suggestion and made our product better.”

Our CEO David, Ou‘s take on our products: “Forcemech is not the first to design and manufacture power wheelchairs, so what makes us stand out? Because we are a small company focuses only on mobility aid products, we spare no expenses, take extra care and are extremely detail oriented when we make every one of our decisions. We listen to our customers so much more closely than all of our competitors. We truly yearn to build products that would benefit our customers so much that they would grow to love to use.

The Forcemech products are like our children, we see them the moment they are born from the design sheets, then we bring the best possible raw materials to turn them into mature works of art. Finally, we made sure these works of arts are up for testament of nature and time. Each and every unit are made with 200% care that we can afford and they are bound to make our customers happy. To put it in his own words: ” if I didn’t think I could let my grandmother ride it, then it will not be delivered to the hands of our customers”.

Forcemech Financing Options:

Forcemech is now offering low monthly financing options with Prosper Healthcare Lending to provide our customers with affordable loans for purchasing our power wheelchair! Prosper Healthcare Lending is a premier financing company in the health care industry that has serviced more than 300,000 applicants, is working with Forcemech providing loans that have a quick and easy application process and are 100% confidential. There are no application fees, no down payments necessary, low monthly payments and you can get approved in seconds.

PayPal offers “NO Interest Rate” if paid within first six months. After 6 months, the interest rate is at 19.99% APR.

You will need to have a PayPal account to apply for PayPal credit. PayPal account is easy to set up, and there is no cost. Once you set up a PayPal account, you can order the product on our website by using the “PayPal” checkout option. By selecting to pay with the PayPal Credit option, you will be directed to sign into your PayPal’s account. From there, you will get approved within seconds.

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